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How Can You Block Someone on YouTube in 2023?

Can You Block Someone on YouTube? Social media comment sections attract devoted haters, creepy stalkers, disgusting commentators, and ne’er-do-well trolls.

Toxic comments have plagued YouTube for years. Because YouTube only recently started filtering comments, unlike Facebook, Reddit, and others.

The outcome was devastating. It was so catastrophic that YouTube had to add security and tools to reduce poisonous and hateful comments.

Individuals increasingly call out hateful remarks, poisonous comments, and cyberbullying. Therefore, social media networks are increasingly cautious about words.

Users may ban annoying or harassing accounts on most social networking platforms. YouTube offers this option also.

This blog explains how to block someone on YouTube.

Why Block Someone on YouTube?

Certainly! YouTube blocking can help keep your online experience secure and optimistic. Here are some reasons to block someone on the platform:

Preventing Harassment and Cyberbullying: Blocking a user who harasses, bullies, or offends you can relieve stress and safeguard your mental health.

Avoiding Spam and Unwanted information: Some individuals may spam your comments area with unrelated information or links to hazardous websites. They can be blocked to keep the comments clean and fun.

Protecting Personal Information: Blocking someone prevents them from seeing your videos, subscribing, or accessing your personal information.

Avoiding Spam and Unwanted Content: Blocking disruptive people can help creators build a pleasant community. It defines courteous interaction.

Controlling Your Content: Blocking users prevents them from viewing your videos. This keeps your material open to constructive criticism and meaningful discussion.

Avoiding Unwanted Contact: Blocking a user is an excellent strategy to prevent unwanted contact if you’ve had bad experiences with them.

YouTube blocks to provide people control over their online experience. This personal choice should be employed while maintaining a happy and safe atmosphere.

How to Ban YouTube Commenters?

YouTube lacks a block button. However, it enables you to conceal another channel or user from your gutter to hide their comments and engagements, thus banning them from YouTube.

By checking their comments, you can only tell whether a viewer made an offensive statement. You can disable future comments after a violation. Their comments on your videos are likewise removed.

You may do this on YouTube or the YouTube Studio. We’ll consider both, so use whichever works for you.

How to Block YouTube Channel?

If blocking someone from commenting isn’t enough, YouTube offers other choices. If a YouTube channel is pursuing or bothering you, use this procedure to disable it.

1. Block a YouTube Channel from Appearing in the Feed

When browsing YouTube, you may uncover useless and false channels. Some networks show triggering thumbnails that may hurt. No worries now! You may quickly ban any YouTube channel and need to remember them.

First Step: Open in a new tab.

Second Step: Scroll to find the channel’s video to ban.

Third Step: Click the three dots beside the video title.

Fourth Step: Tap Don’t recommend channel from the enlarged menu.

It’s just that easy! This removes the channel from your home feed.

2. Prevent YouTube Channels from Commenting

Block spammers or harassers from commenting on your YouTube videos.

Step 1: Launch YouTube.

Step 2: Visit the person you wish to block. Click their remark or look for their profile.

Step 3: Click the three-dot icon at the top. Second option: “Block user.”

Step 4: Verify and block the user.

3: Block YouTube Kids Channels

Block channels if you’re worried about your child’s YouTube material. This prevents YouTube Kids from proposing or playing specific channels’ videos.

Step 1: The YouTube Kids app lets parents log in to their children’s accounts.

Step 2: Select the kids’ profile. Find the channel’s video to ban.

Step 3: Select Block from the three-dot symbol. Two choices.

• Block specific video.

• Block the entire channel.

Step 4: Confirm blocking the entire channel.


Finally, YouTube’s block feature lets people regulate their online experience. This article’s easy guidelines help people manage interactions and create a healthy digital environment. Blocking prevents harassment, cyberbullying, and unwelcome contact, giving users peace of mind.

It also helps content creators build a respectful, productive community around their channels. Creators may open their material for genuine engagement and feedback by barring disruptive people.

Blocking puts consumers in control of their YouTube experience. They can protect their mental health, personal data, and platform use. Blocking helps keep online places safe, fun, and conducive to meaningful interactions as technology evolves. Adopting this feature helps create a more positive and inclusive digital environment for all users.

Most Popular YouTube Block Questions

1. Is YouTube Blocking and Hiding Different?

Blocking or concealing someone on YouTube is similar. Both settings block spam comments.

2. Do YouTubers Know Your Block?

No, YouTube does not notify users of blacklisted users, therefore they will not know.

3. How Do I Know If Someone Blocked My YouTube?

Watch a YouTube video of someone you think blocked you. You may be prohibited from commenting, but others can.

4. Block YouTube Viewers?

Make your movies or playlists private to block viewers.

5. How to Block YouTube Comments?

YouTube comment blocking is easy.

Step 1: Visit the user profile you wish to restrict comments from.

Step 2: Click their remark or look for their profile.

Step 3: Click the three-dot icon at the top.

Step 4: Select “Block user.”

6. YouTube Live Chat Blocking?

You may quickly ban a YouTube live chat user.

Step 1: Visit the viewer’s message to block.

Step 2: Tap More.

Select Block on Step 3.

7. How to Block YouTube Inappropriate Content?

Step 1: Launch YouTube and click your profile.

Step 2: Tap Settings below.

Third, scroll down to Restricted mode. Start it up.

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