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13 Free Websites where I can Post URL Links for Link Promotion and Free Traffic

Free Websites Where I Can Post URL Links: Backlinks are crucial to website promotion—traffic depends on them. Quality and amount of external backlinks can significantly impact search engine rankings. Low-quality backlinks from domains with poor reputations and unrelated or prohibited topics will degrade the website’s search engine rating and sometimes lead to removal.

Promoting and growing blog traffic takes a lot of work for marketers. You may feel like you’re speaking into space. Everyone’s been there.

However, about 4.5 billion people utilize the internet. Getting blog readers requires exposing your material to the right people at the appropriate time.

How to do that? Start by diversifying your blog promotion plan to obtain traffic from multiple sources.

Traffic can come from content aggregators, social media, bookmarking, and reciprocal sharing.

Let’s review the best blog marketing sites for traffic and conversions. This post will show you how to avoid these issues and gain high-quality links without paying.

1. Medium

Medium lets you publish blogs online. Its roughly 100 million monthly visitors make it a popular blog platform.

Thought leadership content is usually on Medium. Many freelance writers blog on this site.

You can cross-post blogs on this site without affecting SEO.

Your blog can be curated and recommended on the front page if it meets Medium’s requirements.

When blogging on Medium, pay attention to tags. Users can follow titles, which helps your post get discovered.

Content can be recommended and shared on the platform. Your material should engage readers and attract more.

1. Reddit

Reddit springs to mind for free link posting.

One of the most prominent social media sites for years, Reddit is one of the finest locations to receive attention from due to its daily traffic.

Subreddits let users post all kinds of topic-related content.

Each Subreddit has become a community of passionate people who adore debating the topic.

3. Facebook

Facebook groups with specific topics are another excellent location to share links for free.

As Facebook groups become more popular, more people join travel, sports, food, and other groups.


Open-source has millions of users worldwide. Visitors can discover answers to numerous questions. Marketers can use this platform to find niche-related questioners and promote their products, websites, or videos.

5. The Online Business Academy

At Online Business Academy, you can promote digital products. Creator access lets you list courses, books, PDF instructions, software, consulting services, and live events. The site attracts over 200,000 businesses monthly, making it a perfect place to target.

6. Pinterest

As we know, social media is a great location to promote blog entries. Pinterest is good starting point.

“If Pinterest has 250 million users, there’s no reason why a marketer wouldn’t want to be there.?” explains HubSpot marketing manager Kristen Baker. Additionally, 90% of users use network material to make purchases.”

Pinterest can promote your blogs, establish a community, and increase traffic. Since users can click through to live links, it’s perfect for blogging.

Hashtags and keywords help people find your content. You can then interact with other profiles online to grow your following.

7. YouTube

Promoting blog postings may require repurposing material for the chosen blog-sharing service.

You can turn blog posts into YouTube videos. Repurposing content on several channels boosts brand visibility and site traffic.

HubSpot senior SEO strategist Braden Becker adds, “Five billion YouTube videos are watched daily. They’re eaten, not simply viewed. Omnicore reports a 40-minute average YouTube session, up 50% from last year.”

YouTube is incredible for blog promotion because of that.

8. Email

Email and a contact list are all you need for this advertising.

It works how?

You invite your friends, family, coworkers, and contacts to join up for your website’s newsletter. Mailchimp makes starting free and easy.

Your email includes a link to your current affiliate product or service. Most people will disregard the email, but you get compensated if they click the link and buy something from the website!

 9. Dribbble

Its visual nature makes it ideal for affiliate marketing.

Posts with affiliate links immediately become tweetable photos on Dribble.

Upload a stylish banner ad or graphic with your product or service name to Dribbble. Your ad will be seen and followed by Dribble users interested in your product.

10. LinkedIn

Relevant sites should host your links. LinkedIn is good starting point.

LinkedIn lets you publish URLs and images, so if you have a product image, that’s a great approach to get people clicking.

Since your network activity stream shows every click on your links, this is a great way to track their destination.

You can then track how many people clicked on the link and how many visits it got for the month or year to evaluate your marketing efforts.

11. Flipboard

Flipboard aggregates content from multiple sources.

Publishers can add their sites and start blogging.

Flipboard can introduce new readers to your blogs. When a blog is posted, viewers are redirected to your site, increasing blog traffic.

12. Triberr

Triberr helps bloggers and influencers promote their content.

Join interest-based communities to promote your blogs and increase shares, traffic, and visibility.

You can pay to promote posts like Qu Promote in addition to joining groups and communicating with others.

Triberr shows your post to genuine people who will likely share it with their audiences when you choose a URL.

13. AllTop

AllTop is another content aggregator that lets readers see several sources.

Marketers can request a listing on the Contact page. The site will list your blogs if accepted.

Blog promotion sites boost backlinks, traffic, organic ranks, authority, and reach.

Conclusions: Free Websites where I can Post URL Links

1. Consider the popularity and credibility of venues for submitting links.

2. Utilise services to screen potential donors.

3. Utilise several donor websites and content types.

4. Follow social media standards and comply with community guidelines.

5. Monitor changes to link posting rules to avoid search engine penalties.

Paying for backlinks can be more profitable and effective than free ones.

If you need more experience creating and managing a successful link strategy and want to find Free Websites Where I Can Post URL Links, read more articles.

FAQ(Free Websites where I can post URL Links)

Where can I place free referral links?

• Company and website directories.

• Social media and platforms.

• Forums.

• Review websites.

• Websites of aggregators.

How do I obtain free backlinks?

There are various techniques to earn free backlinks, each with varying difficulty. Website and company directories allow backlinks. You can promote original content and obtain free donor domains in competitors’ link profiles.

Can I encourage users to connect to my resource on their website?

Create engaging link bait. Authentic and valuable information will draw visitors.

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