how do i get my walmart w2

How do I get My Walmart W2 Form: A Comprehensive Guide

How do I get My Walmart W2 Form? Every American worries about this question and filing the return on time when tax season begins. Businesspeople and self-employed people gather their documentation to avoid missing details. Everyone is consulting tax pros to maximize credits and refunds.

The hassle makes employed persons worry about their Form W-2 to file their taxes appropriately. Employers provide Form W-2, or Wages and Tax Statement, to employees with information about taxes withheld, bonuses, wages, credits, etc.

Walmart is a global retailer with thousands of American employees. Imagine Walmart’s HR department’s workload during tax season when every employer must make 6 W-2 forms. Thus, they had to create a system that simplifies W-2 distribution and ensures employees receive the form on time.

If you’ve worked in the past year, it’s a detailed guide to getting a Walmart W2 form. Let’s begin.

What is the W-2 Form?

W2 forms from Walmart are sent to employees by employers between January 31 and February 28 and contain annual wage and tax statement information from their paychecks.

The IRS and FICA receive this form at year’s end.

The W-2 form is actually, Form W-2 is an employer’s statement of an employee’s annual salary and withheld taxes for the reporting year. Form W-2 includes federal withholding tax, social security tax, medicare tax, state and local income taxes, and employee gross wages.

It’s an IRS requirement that employers record withheld taxes and contributions accurately. Besides earnings and withholding taxes, Form W-2 includes deferred compensation, donations, tip revenue, dependent care benefits, etc.

Does Walmart Send W2s?

Walmart and other companies usually send W-2s by January or February after the tax year.

Your employer or Walmart’s payroll services department may send or deliver your W2 form electronically.

Walmart W2 Wage and Tax Statement Form: When?

Every year, Walmart fills out a W2 form with an employee’s annual wage and tax information. Walmart issues IRS-mandated W-2s to employees between January 31 and February 28.

Walmart issues Form W-2 when?

Employers must send form W-2 as soon as possible after January 31, per IRS standards. W-2s are required for companies that pay more than $600 yearly salary. Walmart issues Form W-2 to employees from January 31 to February 28 annually.

Get Your Walmart W-2 Online?

In a smaller company, employees can easily acquire their W-2 from HR. Additionally, many employers mailed the form to employees. Many organizations submit form W-2 using their email system. But how can Walmart ensure every Form W-2 requester receives it? The corporation created an online system for tax questions and Form W2 submission. Yes, this question is answered!

Walmart offers form W-2 online. The use of the web portal will be covered in later parts.

If an Employer Cannot Give My W2, What Should I Do?

Usually not.

Suppose it happens, you have three possibilities. Those are:

Ask HR for the W2 form. They may provide the Walmart W2 Form.

Submit Form 4852 to the IRS for a tax return extension.

Send Walmart’s payroll service department a written W2 form request.

What If My Walmart W2 Form Has Errors?

Check your Walmart W2 form for errors and missing information.

Discuss with the employer how to withhold the correct amount of federal tax in the future.

An employer can also file Form W-2c with Form W-3c to remedy W2 form adjustments.

W-2 Online Access Login.

If you need your Form W-2 quickly, visit My Tax Form. The process requires login information:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your SSN, initial PIN, and Walmart employer code 10108 to log in.

Step 3: Security questions will prevent unwanted entry. Include your email, contact info, etc. This will modify your initial pin and create a new one.

Only first-time users should follow Step 3—otherwise, login to your account.

Step 4: Visit the dashboard, answer security questions, and receive an OTP via phone/message. After approval, choose Receive Forms Online as your default distribution option in My Account.

Step 5: Receive your Form W-2 last. Read and mark W-2 Consent carefully. I understand and agree to the online tax form delivery terms and click Accept and Continue. Set your W-2 email address.

Wrapping Up

Employers provide W2 Forms to employees as Wage and Tax Management Statements. This article shows Walmart W2 form questions and other common help requests. If Walmart does not have the W2 form, request a time extension from the IRS so the employer can comply.

1. Walmart EIN Number?

Walmart’s EIN is 71-0415188. For reference, form W-2 lists the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

2. Does Walmart Provide W-2 and Tax Information During Tax Season?

Walmart and former employees should receive their W-2 forms before the tax return deadline. If you still need it, ensure your payroll department has your mailing address.

3. What if Walmart needed to withhold tax properly?

Checking each paycheck to ensure that Walmart withholds your tax near what you desire is the only way to confirm if you find it.

4. What is Walmart’s employee online portal?

Walmart W2s are available at

5. Walmart W-2 EIN Location?

The EIN of any employer appears in Box B of Form W-2. Look in Box B for the nine-digit number.

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