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Premium Snapchat: Features and How Does It Work?

Let’s start with Premium Snapchat basics. Its operation and how adult models get money.

This app can make a lot of money using Snapchat Premium, and in this article, we’ll look at one way to do it: generating premium Snapchat accounts.

First, what’s Premium Snapchat?

Like regular Snapchat, Premium Snapchat lets only paid users view user material. Also known as Private Snap. Premium Snapchat sells private photographs and videos, usually pornographic content.

Most Premium Snapchat is subscription-based or marketed as lifetime access with a one-time payment, and you can use a third-party app to receive compensation from members who want quick snap access.

Premium Snapchat has been mentioned, but how does it work? Is it simply for photos, and what happens on the platform? These questions are answered below.

Premium Snapchat for what?

Snapchat is used to exchange text messages between friends and close colleagues because a “snap” disappears after viewing.

If a perfect memory passes too fast, exploit it to its utmost and restore your images stress-free!

Snapchat became popular with camera girls, adult models, and porn stars a few years ago. Even though Snap Chat banned naked and obscene content in 2022, adult Internet personalities use it as their social media home.

A Snapchat premium account requires your community to pay for access. Simple Snapchat with a membership charge. Thus, Snapchat does not officially support it. Therefore, Snapchat has not formally defined premium Snapchat.

You’re premium. People pay for Snapchat accounts. Not another app. The Snapchat app is expected. Someone only pays to view your story.

Post photographs and videos, share casino material, and do whatever you want on this 18+ account. Snapchat premium accounts are not limited to sexual content and nudity. It can be about anything people would pay for, such as behind-the-scenes content and celebrity life secrets.

Premium Snapchat: Top Exclusive Features

1. Story Expiration Custom

Snapchat stories used to expire after 24 hours. Custom story timers are now available to Premium Snapchat users. Set a timer from 1 hour to 1 week for subscribers. This means Snapchat stories can now last a week.

2. Custom Notification Sounds

Premium Snapchat users can customize contact notification sounds. This lets you see who sent you a Snap or chat without searching your phone. Snapchat settings provide personalized notification tones for contacts. You can choose seven sounds.

3. Camera Color Borders

Premium Snapchat now lets you create custom-coloured camera view borders. The Snapchat camera displays a wide range of colours around your camera while you record videos or take photos.

4. Pin Friend #1 BFF

This type of Snapchat lets you pin a buddy as your #1 BFF to the top of the chat window. The payout needs to be BFF to pin someone. As explained in our Snapchat emoticons explainer, BFFs have a red heart next to their names in the conversations list after two weeks of being top friends.

5. Premium Snapchat Badge

An elusive star icon beside your profile indicates you are a Premium Snapchat subscriber. Others will likely see this type of Snapchat emblem on your profile.

6. Rewatch Story Count

This type of Snapchat shows how often your friends have rewatched your story. However, the feature appears experimental and may soon be available to additional users. The Verge says that social functions will be available to all users.

7. Snapchat Solar System

This type of Snapchat customer can now use Friends Solar System, where your top eight friends are planet-like friend emojis, and you’re the Sun. Their solar system location indicates their proximity to you. Mars is the closest planet to Earth. Hence, Mars friendmoji users are your closest friends.

8. Ghost Trails

Ghost Trails on Snap Maps lets you see friends’ 24-hour location history. Ghost Trails are only visible if your friend shares their location.

9. Exclusive Snapchat App Icons

Custom app icons are new to this type of Snapchat. Choose from over 30 custom Snapchat app icons. Additionally, Premium Snapchat members receive new icons periodically.

10. Snapscore View Change

Premium Snapchat subscribers can tap on a friend’s Snapscore to see how it’s changed.

Creation of a Premium Snapchat Account

To sell NSFW content on this type of Snapchat, you must be 18 or older. If you’re paying on a third-party site, you’ll need a copy of your ID to prove your age. Create your Premium Snapchat account with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Install the official Snapchat app from Google Play or Apple Store.

Second, create a username. If you want to sell NSFW content anonymously, avoid revealing usernames. Change profile settings to “Friends only” to hide snaps from the public.

Step 3: Register for a third-party Snapchat to accept payments. You may then establish a price for content access. Your Premium fee.

Step 4: Promote your Premium Snapchat account to attract consumers and views from other platforms.

Premium Snapchat Cost

Snapchat has no pricing. Snapchat creators can charge a monthly fee, usually $10 to $30, to allow users to access premium content or sell personalized Snaps at a reasonable price.

The service may provide behind-the-scenes access to a beloved content creator with thematic value regarding likes.


Premium Snapchat is one of the most popular pornographic content sales platforms online. People over 18 must do this since selling nude or explicit content is unlawful and has serious legal ramifications for both parties.

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