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5 Best Apps Like QuadPay to Shop Online

A variety of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) systems have gained popularity over time, and Quadpay (now known as Zip) is one of them. Imagine being able to purchase something you truly need, but the seller allows you to pay for it throughout four or more equal installments. This credit option is attractive since it allows you to pay the item’s total price whenever you want. Although a lot of people use it, there are apps like Quadpay available.

We are highlighting these apps, such as Quadpay, in this article. We also want to go over these apps’ features and hopefully assist you in determining if they are worth a try.

Describe Zip (formerly known as Quadpay).

Using the shopping app Zip, you may divide your purchases into four equal payments spread out over six weeks.

It is really well-liked. The Google Play store has 26,460 reviews rating the app with 4.4 stars, while the App Store has 284,100 reviews rating it with 4.9 stars.

Zip is a fantastic option for users looking for the ideal BNPL app because of its abundance of unique features.

Zip has numerous benefits, such as:

• Your credit score is unaffected because it just performs a soft credit check.

• Online and in-store shopping are options.

• You may use the Zip app to make purchases anywhere that accepts Visa, or you can browse its list of retailers directly.

Apps Like QuadPay

These apps, similar to Zip, let you make purchases now and pay for them later.

Erste Klarna

I use a lot of online buying websites, especially those that sell clothes, and I frequently see Klarna there. That’s because it’s among the most well-known BNPL businesses in existence.

You can divide the cost of your online purchases with Klarna. Additionally, you can enjoy special offers and savings by using the Klarna app.

You may get a $5 welcome prize by downloading the Klarna app, performing one payment, and logging in.

Klarna is currently highly regarded. In the Google Play store, the app has 358,900 reviews and 4.6 stars. Additionally, it has 520,000 ratings and 4.8 stars on the App Store. Customers, therefore, adore it and find it popular.

The salient characteristics of Klarna are as follows:

• Divide any purchase into four interest-free installments.

• Prepay 25 percent

• The Pay in 4 option from Klarna simply does a soft credit check; therefore, it has no impact on your credit score. Financing is also an option, but it will require a rigorous credit check from Klarna.

• Klarna can be used both in-person and online.

Affirm (Apps Like QuadPay)

There are no annual, pre-repayment, late, or account opening or closing fees with Affirm. Affirm has two payment options: pay in four installments or pay monthly, similar to the majority of Buy Now, Pay Later apps. Affirm does not impose late penalties on either of its payment plans, in contrast to other BNPLs. Its Monthly plan does, however, have interest, with the highest rate on our list being 36%. Interest can vary from 0% to 36%.

A gentle credit check, order quantity, shopping location, and the selected repayment terms—three, six, or twelve months—will all affect each customer’s rate. Affirm reports some loans, including those with past-due payments, to Experian, which could lower your credit score, even though a soft check won’t have an impact on your credit score.

In addition, affirm provides three other goods. First up is a high-yield savings account that has no fees and no minimums. The second option is a virtual card that users may apply for directly through the app and use to make purchases both online and offline. Each card can only be used once.

Finally, consumers who want to make regular purchases can apply for an Affirm Card. Customers can use it as a debit card to make significant purchases or pay for products in full after linking it to their bank account. With regard to the latter, customers are able to ask for a payment plan either prior to making a purchase or up to 24 hours afterward.


I know how annoying it is to have to carry a bunch of cash or your credit card in order to make a small purchase. If you’re anything like me, you detest having to pay interest on your credit card debt as well. Here’s when AfterPay gets useful.

With the help of the free app AfterPay, you can pay for your purchases over time. To make a purchase, simply download the app, enter your details, and choose the things you wish to buy. Next, decide which installment plan best suits your needs. Payment terms of 4, 8, 12, or 16 weeks are available.

More than a million US and Canadian retailers, including Walmart, Target, Apple, and Nike, accept AfterPay. It can also be used to make online purchases.


It goes without saying that one of the most widely used online payment processors worldwide is PayPal. In fact, it’s so widely used that a lot of individuals do daily transactions using it. However, you might be surprised to learn that there are other methods you can utilize PayPal to send and receive money. We’ll look at some of the most popular methods for using PayPal to make payments in this article.

Connecting PayPal to your bank account is one method to use it. This makes it simple for you to move money between your PayPal and bank accounts. This technique can also be used to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account.

Using PayPal as a debit card is an additional method of utilizing it. This eliminates the need for you to carry around additional credit cards, whether making purchases in-person or online.


Similar to QuadPay, Venue is a new app that lets you buy now and pay later. It enables interest-free installment payments for things you buy now. Additionally, Venue has a unique feature that lets you divide an item’s price with a friend.

If you want to buy something but need more money to do so, this can be useful. Download the app and register to use Venue. After logging up, you can peruse the inventory of goods that are up for grabs.

After making your selection, click “Add to cart.” After that, you will be asked to select a payment schedule. After entering your credit or debit card details, click “Submit.” Your card will be charged right away by the Venue, and you will have 14 days to settle the amount.

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