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How to Put Icon Images in Footer Shopify?

How to Put Icon Images in Footer Shopify: An appealing and user-friendly website is essential for attracting and retaining clients in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. Shopify, a renowned e-commerce platform, offers many customisation possibilities to make online companies stand out. Adding icon pictures to your Shopify footer can improve its appearance and functionality. This post shows how to put icon images in footer Shopify.

Steps: How to Put Icon Images in Footer Shopify

Follow these procedures to upload Shopify footer icon images and follow these steps to know how to put icon images in footer Shopify:

1. Access your Shopify admin panel.

2. Click “Themes” in “Online Store”.

3. On the “Themes” screen, select “Customize” for the theme you want to alter.

4. Click the “Sections” tab in the theme editor.

5. Scroll down to “Footer”. Click it to expand your choices.

6. Look for footer blocks or content additions. This may be called “Add content” or “Add block,” depending on your theme.

7. Select “Add content” or “Add block” and choose the type of material. Select “Image” here.

8. Upload or select your icon image from the media library.

9. Resize and place the image.

10. Save your modifications and preview your store to see the footer symbol.

Your theme may affect the steps. Custom theme users may need to reference the theme documentation or contact the developer for particular instructions.

Why Add Icon Images to Your Footer?

Before we start how to put icon images in footer Shopify, let’s first understand why Shopify footer icon graphics are essential. Icons serve several purposes.

1. Improved User Experience: Icons can display social network connections, contact information, and payment alternatives. This helps users browse your website and discover what they need.

2. Brand Identity: Custom icons can reinforce your brand’s aesthetics and values and leave a lasting impact on visitors.

3. Increased Credibility: Payment symbols, security badges, and customer reviews in the footer can boost client trust.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Well-placed icons can make your website look more professional and elegant.

You Put What in Shopify’s Footer?

You can add more than images to your footer. Most footers lead to website pages, terms & conditions, and privacy policies. Your firm may be briefly described in some footers. Knowing how to put icon images in footer Shopify badges on your footer page boosts credibility!

How else may Shopify be Customised?

Buy Shopify Themes

eCommerce stores can use Shopify’s responsive and appealing templates. If you don’t like their themes, you can obtain them elsewhere. Downloading your new Shopify theme from Theme Forest or Creative Market is preferable.

Go to “Online Store” and “Themes” to do this. Click the “Add Theme” drop-down in “Theme Library”. Upload your unique theme zip!

Shopify App Install

Install Shopify apps to customise your store. These apps can boost your store. Design apps can boost site traffic. Add branding to your store’s design. Pop-ups and landing page builders are the most popular design tools! Install these excellent Shopify design applications!

  • PageFly Landing Page Builder
  • Shogun Landing Page Builder
  • Build landing pages with EComposer.
  • Rivo Popups: Email Popups
  • Pop Convert: Banners, Pop-Ups
  • Attract Announcement Bar Banner
  • The Buddha Mega Menu and Navigation

Hire Professionals

The last option for online store customization is hiring developers and designers. You can focus on selling and promoting your products to attract more customers by hiring pros.

Website developers know which codes to add. They guarantee a responsive, appealing store design. They may customise it to include your branding on every page and section.

Designers can create a branded site that rivals would envy. You can trust online graphic, branding, and social media designers. They are experts and know how to put icon images in footer Shopify.

Hire developers and designers on Shopify’s professional marketplace. Look for them on freelance websites. If you need designers, Penji can customise your designs! For one flat fee, web designs, graphic designs, illustrations, logos, and more! Subscribe here for all your online store designs!

Conclusion: How to Put Icon Images in Footer Shopify

Adding icon pictures to your Shopify footer improves user experience, aesthetics, and usefulness. Following the step-by-step instructions above, you can quickly add brand icons, improve navigation, and build client trust. Put icon pictures in your footer to make your Shopify store more visually appealing and user-friendly today. If you need help or prefer outsourcing, engage a Shopify specialist to enhance your website.

A logo in your Shopify footer may personalise and professionalise your store. These simple procedures show you how to put icon images in footer Shopify and your logo to make your store stand out. Leave questions in the comments.

FAQs (How to Put Icon Images in Footer Shopify)

What goes in Shopify’s footer?

Enable Language, Country, payment symbols, social media icons, and copyright text in the Footer section options. Rearrange four Content blocks in your Footer: Links, Newsletter, Text and image, and Links.

How do I add a custom section to my footer in Shopify?

Using the Shopify default function

1. Start your online store in Shopify by clicking “online store” in the admin and selecting “customize” in the current theme under “themes”.

2. Edit Footer information, including image, fast links, contact us, and address.

How to alter Shopify footer style?

Follow these steps to modify your Shopify footer:

1. Go to Shopify admin, select Themes, and click Customise Theme.

2. In the Custom block area, scroll down to the Footer position to specify all footer links.

How to Put Icon Images in Footer Shopify?

Insert > Header or Footer > Blank. Double-click Type here in the header or footer. Select Picture from File, select your photo, and click Insert. Exit with Close Header and Footer or Esc.

How can I add Shopify footer privacy policy?


1. Navigate to Settings > Policies in your Shopify admin.

2. Select Create from the template to utilise a default template if you do not have a Refund policy, Privacy policy, or Terms of service.

3. Revise your policies.

4. Click Save.

How can I modify my Shopify little icon?

Change your Shopify favicon with these steps:

1. Navigate to Online Store -> Themes.

2. Click Customise.

3. Select Theme Settings.

4. Click on the Logo section.

5. Change your favicon image by clicking Change.

6. Click “Save” to save changes.

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