The Top Apps for Make Money in November 2023

Many applications can help you make extra money or save on regular purchases if you seek strategies to balance your budget. With the help of these applications, you can easily use your phone to earn extra cash, do online surveys, sell items you no longer need, pay off debt, and more. The top apps for making money allow you to choose your hours, sign up for free, and be paid promptly. Below are our best selections for 2023.

Top choice for couriers: Doors Dash

Delivering goods from eateries, convenience stores, pet shops, supermarkets, and other locations brings in money for DoorDash “Dashers.” Create a profile, register and apply online, schedule shifts, or begin dashing immediately to get started. Earn a set base fee for each order, plus tips, and select when and how much you want to work. DasherDirect Instant Pay allows you to be paid promptly after each dash without additional fees, or you can set up automatic weekly payouts.


Make your schedule

Keep all of your tips


Gas, wear & tear, and other vehicle expenses

While awaiting the delivery of meals, no income

Survey Junkey is the Best for Online Surveys

A community for online market research exists at Survey Junkey. As a member, you earn virtual points by answering surveys. These points can be immediately redeemed for PayPal money or e-gift cards. You’ll need to build a profile and respond to a few questions to get started. After that, Survey Junkey will match you with appropriate surveys. The company emphasizes that doing surveys is intended to be something other than a full-time job substitute and that you won’t earn rich doing them. However, it claims you may make $40 monthly by doing three daily surveys.


Get paid to complete quick surveys

Use points to purchase PayPal or e-gift cards


Surveys may have ended

There are repeating questions in certain polls

Rakuten Rewards is the Best for Cash Back

Cashback, discounts, and coupons are available at more than 3,500 retailers on various products, including electronics, apparel, dining, and ridesharing, through Rakuten Rewards (previously Ebates). Start shopping on, the Rakuten app, or the browser extension by creating a free account in less than 30 seconds. In-store cashback can be obtained by linking store offers to your credit card. Rakuten Rewards will pay you via PayPal or a check every three months. It will also email you when it adds cash to your account.


Cashback indefinitely

$10 sign-up bonus for fresh clients


Some return rates are minimal

Every three months, cashback is given out

Financed by M1 is the Best for Passive Investors

For self-directed investors who would like to handle their borrowing, banking, and investing all through one app, M1 Finance offers a reasonably priced robo-advisor. Anybody may be drawn to offerings like no-fee personal loans, a Visa credit card with up to 10% cash back, and an FDIC-insured savings account that yields a 5% annual yield (as of Nov. 2, 2023). Digital tools, automated investing with dynamic rebalancing to maintain portfolio allocation, and competitive margin borrowing rates are all features self-directed investors would value from M1.


Combining banking, borrowing, and investing

Dynamic rebalancing combined with trade automation


Pay $10 a month to receive the most incredible deals

No recommendation or advisor access

Top Stores to Earn Cash Back on Purchases


If you shop in-store frequently, you might enjoy Ibotta. With over 1,500 well-known businesses as partners, this cashback app is unique because it offers multiple savings options at retail establishments. You may use the app to purchase gift cards, upload receipts (Ibotta will scan them for eligible purchases), and link your loyalty account. Your cashback profits should appear within a day or two.

To be able to withdraw your money, you must first make at least $20. Withdrawals from other money-making applications may start withdrawals at $5.

Redeeming cash requires a minimum of $20.

Please get it here: Apple Store | Google Play Store

Best for Using Surveys to Earn Money

Junkie Surveys

With a plethora of surveys available almost always and a far quicker and easier point redemption process than other apps, SurveyJunkie has become our #1 choice for survey apps.

To redeem your points for online gift cards or PayPal, you must accrue 500 points, equal to $5. The benefits can typically be claimed right away. If you receive an online gift card, you will receive an email with the code you may use that same day.

You won’t be eligible for every survey offered. You often have to respond to a series of questions to determine if you qualify. You will either be sent to the study or informed that you aren’t qualified (you’ll receive a few points for your time) based on the information you provide.

You’ll need to exercise patience when filling out surveys. The same question may be offered to you repeatedly, or you may respond to a few surveys before understanding you are not eligible for one.

Redeeming cash requires a minimum of $5.

Please get it here: Apple Store | Google Play Store

Top for Various Methods of Earning Money

Payday Loans

Swagbucks can be a good choice if you want an app that offers multiple opportunities to earn money. Using the flexible Swagbucks app, you may get money by playing games, conducting surveys, scanning your receipts for eligible cash rewards, and carrying out other tasks. Points, or SB, are earned for each of these actions.

It will be possible to exchange SB for PayPal account balance transfers or gift cards. Generally speaking, $5 is equal to 500.

You may receive a wide range of SB for doing different tasks. The amount might range from 2 SB to 10,0000 SB. Higher-value jobs typically demand significant work or are more challenging to qualify for. Remember that processing gift cards and sending them to your email could take ten business days.

Redeeming cash requires a minimum of $5.

Please get it here: Apple Store | Google Play Store


Which apps offer instant payment?

Typically, there needs to be more clarity between using money-making software to generate money and getting paid. Depending on the app, the wait time may be as long as ten days. However, some applications have low requirements before paying out. With Survey Junkie, for instance, you may cash out with as little as $5 in earnings. The app may need to validate your PayPal account information or bank account before transferring money to you, which could take a few days.

Can I trust apps that make money?

There are lots of safe money-making apps. The legitimate ones will be open about how they compensate and safeguard users. When dubious about an app, look up the developer online, read user reviews, and check the app’s ratings and download counts on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

What is the price of an app that makes money?

Most apps that generate revenue are available for free download and use. However, some need user fees that are usually deducted from your earnings or require in-store payments to unlock premium features. Several apps allow you to get paid in cash through rebates, but earning money requires spending. Think about whether you truly need the item in these circumstances. Purchasing something you don’t need to receive a refund is not financially wise.


We looked into 14 apps that promise users they may make money online, and we rated each one according to its sign-up process, prerequisites, earning potential, earning techniques, fees, and incentives. We started by examining the apps that were offered in several well-liked categories. The advantages and disadvantages of each app compared to rivals were then considered. We also evaluated whether users who stick with the money-making software over time could make more money.

You can download all the chosen apps from the Google and iOS app stores.

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