Aunt Cass Meme

Aunt Cass Memes: From Big Hero 6 to Big Laughs

Do you find that the same character, a white woman with brown hair and green eyes, keeps popping up on your page whenever you visit a social media site? This is essentially Aunt Cass Meme from Big Hero 6, making people wonder why she is appearing everywhere on the internet. But don’t worry about it because, in this post, we will explain what this meme is and how it came into being. And the meaning behind this internet joke.

Aunt Cass Meme

Before discussing the Aunt Cass meme, we first find out where the word “meme” originates from and when it was first used.

Not “me-me” but “Meem.” Meme is Japanese. This phrase was first used by Richard Dawkins in 1976. His book “The Selfish Gene” included this word. Dawkins also learned about this meme via its Greek word, “Mimeme.” This word also means “something that is imitated.”

To return to the topic, Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass memes are a social media obsession. Why not discuss who started this meme and how far it has come in meme history?

Who is this Aunt Cass Meme character?

This meme, as should be evident from the name of the meme, is being made about Aunt Cass. However, the issue that remains is, who exactly is Aunt Cass?

The Big Hero 6 movie franchise features Aunt Cass, a pivotal character, the vast majority of the time. Big Hero 6 entrusts her with the responsibility of watching over its main cast.  These protagonists, brothers Tadashi and Hiro, are siblings.

Her character description says she owns a coffee shop and bakery. She has also shown her deep affection for her nephews, Big Hero 6’s protagonists. In Big Hero 6, this is shown. Her constant joy is one of her most charming traits.

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Big Hero 6: The Beginning of It All

If you’re a fan of films, you’ve probably already heard of this film. The fictional superhero team known as Big Hero 6 is an integral aspect of Marvel Comics and one of its most well-known properties. The well-known and highly regarded musician Man of Action is the brains behind the entire show.

On the other hand, if you believe that Aunt Cass Meme has become more well-known as a result of this episode, you are mistaken.

The Meaning of the Aunt Cass Meme Explanation

Because Aunt Cass’s visage has been wholly altered through picture editing, a meme based on her has become popular. It appears that inappropriate photo editing was done in order to provide the impression of larger breasts, which the audience finds more appealing. On the other hand, in the movie, she had the blouse on; thus, her entire body was concealed.

Where Aunt Cass Meme Got Her Start

Rastifa, a member of Deviant Art, was the first person to develop this meme in the year 2016. Because of the cleavage in this image posted by the Rastifan, it captured the attention of many people. It sparked a significant amount of engagement among the group’s members, but it did not immediately go viral.

In December 2020, the image was suddenly being used in sexually suggestive comments on Reddit, which sparked the beginning of the internet phenomenon known as a meme. This meme began to circulate online over time, and it is now absolutely ubiquitous.

As a consequence of this, the busty Aunt Cass Meme has gone viral, and the actual character from the Big Hero 6 movie has also received unwarranted recognition

Social Media Influence related to This Meme

Majority of people have loved this meme, which is also one of the reasons why it went viral. Despite the fact that we do not know the precise comments and reviews regarding this meme, we are able to say that after conducting this research.

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Concluding Remarks

There is a single explanation for why the Aunt Cass meme has yet to gain widespread popularity. In addition to the fact that users enjoy this trend, more memes based on it have also been made by users. People who are viewing this character for the first time may find this meme to be somewhat misleading and unethical because the actual figure is cheerful and unassuming.

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